Auricle & DJ Sarana present Psylandia @ Psylicious Radio

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Auricle & DJ Sarana present Psylandia @ Psylicious Radio

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Welcome to Psylandia, the new monthly show on Psylicious Radio!
A vision and concept created by the combined mind set and collective forces of Australian DJ,
Auricle and Finland's DJ Sarana.

Be sure to turn on, tune in and drop out into colourful, psychedelic, well-crafted sound-scapes
with Auricle & DJ Sarana as they hone you into their hidden world of Psylandia, a place to let
your mind wonder and escape surrounded by psychedelic bliss. Enjoy!

Listen to the show: Psylicious Radio | Soundcloud

Auricle [Psylicious - Metabolizm Recs] AU

Auricle is a label DJ for Canadian psytrance label, Metabolizm Records and an established and
respected DJ within the Australian and International psychedelic trance scene; having launched
herself as a Psytrance DJ in 2004 with her International debut in the same year in Hong Kong for
Sonic Dragon!

Psylicious: Auricle | Psylicious
Facebook: Auricle | Facebook
Instagram: Auricle | Instagram
Mixcloud: Auricle | Mixcloud
Soundcloud: Auricle | Soundcloud

DJ Sarana [Psylicious] FI

Finnish Psytrance DJ Sarana has always had a passion for music since her childhood years. Her musical
spectrum of taste has ranged from classical to metal before her journey into psychedelic trance.

Psylicious: DJ Sarana | Psylicious
Facebook: DJ Sarana | Facebook
Instagram: DJ Sarana | Instagram
Mixcloud: DJ Mixcloud | Mixcloud
Soundcloud: DJ Sarana | Soundcloud

If you want to be featured on Psylicious Radio say Hi and drop us a message or find us within the links provided in our profile.

Thanks for listening...ENJOY!

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