Psylicious Radio presents: Collider - DJ Moog

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Psylicious Radio presents: Collider - DJ Moog

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Phantasm Records is one of the most legendary names in the Goa and Psychedelic trance

Respected pioneers hailing from the UK, Phantasm Records was established in 1993 by
John Ford and the late Simon Carman.

This week on Psylicious Radio it gives us great pleasure to welcome onto this weeks show
Phantasm Records label partner and London based DJ, Collider.

Joining Collider we welcome back onto the show French based DJ and label DJ for Canadian
based record label, Metabolizm Records, DJ Moog. Enjoy!

Listen to the show: Click Here

Collider [Phantasm Recs] UK

Collider is London-based DJ and Phantasm Records label partner, Chris Lawes.
He began his psychedelic journey back in the mid 90s working at London’s fabled Return To
The Source parties.
After moving to Stoke-on-Trent he started DJing psy & acid techno with Diversion Soundsystem
& at his Monkee clubnights before delving into electro mashup territory as Anti Chris/Trashcan
DJs once back in London.
He’s now firmly back to his psychedelic & techno roots, working for the legendary Phantasm Records
& creating his own DJ sound of trippy progressive, driving tech, & full-on psy madness.

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DJ MOOG [Metabolizm Recs] FR

French Psytrance DJ, DJ Moog has been playing the wonders of psytrance since 1995, having established
a Goa Trance party called “Universal Party” in 96’ and then launching “Psychedelic Concept” in 1998.
After 2000 he became a regular DJ at the infamous Full Moon parties in Thailand.

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