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Type: Compilation
Style: Psy Trance
Format: Boitier cristal
Reference: TTrCD016
Code barre:3760083150128
Date de sortie: 05/2006


(Clic the Title to listen)

  1. Ecliptic - Unbelieving 7:41 140 BPM
  2. Manmademan – Strut 6:25 142 BPM
  3. Tranan - Mental expedition 7:42 145 BPM
  4. Manmademan - Karahana (Altom remix) 6:55 145 BPM
  5. Triptych – Numbers 7:52 144 BPM
  6. Elec3 - Think Pink 7:34 145 BPM
  7. Mumbo Jumbo – Mirage 7:36 144 BPM
  8. Narcophone – Vampire’s funk 8:24 145 BPM
  9. Pop Stream & Triptych – Beef 8:53 144 BPM




2006 is definitely going to be a Turbo Trance year! With several exciting releases scheduled for the beginning of this year as well as the start of our collaboration with the Pygmees clothes trademark via the introduction of Turbo Trance Wear by Pygmees, we are sure to dominate the scene and prove once more our innovative and totally original modus operandi.
With summer and all the festivals not far over the horizon, what could be better than a 100% sunny compilation created by Charles Michaud - Mr Triptych himself? Still in the funky psychedelic style of which he is the master on the trance scene, he pushes the limits of the 'Groove' experiment as far as the ear can hear. No question about it, Accelerator 3.0 is the most mature album of the series.
We are very sad to say that this new Accelerator CD is being released only a short while after the death of Dj Beka who compiled the last one. She leaves behind her an empty space at Turbo Trance and a huge gap in the whole scene. She will be sorely missed. It is to Dj Beka that Accelerator 3.0 is dedicated.



Accelerator 3.0 begins with a tune which lays down the shape of this new compilation. This is the revelation of this compilation for Turbo Trance who takes place first. Actually, Ecliptic, young Mexican project managed by the famous south American label, Maia records, developed a new refined style, between Psychedelic Techno and Housy tendencies in the way of artist such Sub 6 or Triptych, with Electro rhythms, electric sounds but also subtle and positive melodies!
Then, the new Turbo Trance star: a truly exciting and versatile band, Manmademan, who have long experience in the scene. Soft and groovy, full of Wah Wah guitars, this track has morning strings, hypnotic rhythms, twisted sounds and mysterious ambiences!
To follow up we have another Turbo Trance newcomer, Tranan, who has been acclaimed for his previous projects, Hux Flux and Logic Bomb, and has been signed to the most famous labels, including TIP World, Solstice and Spiral Trax. As usual, Tranan produces a dancefloor filler, deep and melodic, with acidic basslines, trippy leads and tribal percussions.
Next, Turbo Trance proudly announce their signing of the first Altom (Neurobiotic) remix: here they deliver their version of the 90's Manmademan world hit, Karahana , which Hallucinogen also remixed on “The Legend-Remixes”, released recently. This is a really tribal and danceable track, perfect to listen to at home and to move to on the multi-coloured morning dancefloor.
Then, ladies and gentlemen, the jewel of this compilation: a Triptych tune which swiftly became a world hit and one that you'll often hear people singing on the dancefloor. After some releases on Mind Control, Alchemy and TIP World, Triptych has delivered his best track so far - a fast one at 144 bpm, with provocative melodies and funky basslines that you'll just want to keep dancing to.
To carry on the groove, we have the the unique style of the young Israeli guys from Elec3 who, after their well received first album “Plug and Play”, mastered the Turbo Trance vibe and opened a new door into the wonderful world of Trance. Here they deliver the most insane and psychedelic track on this compilation without losing its funky and groovy way!
Now I bet you all wondered where the Mumbo Jumbo Crackers disappeared to. Well, they are back with a vengeance. Billy aka Cosmosis and Mitch aka Kuma offer us a new Psy tune full of humour with some acid lines which are reminiscent of the «Acid Junkie» or «Pump Panel» style from the first age of Electronic music.
Next we have another newcomer, a name to remember: Narcophone. This is Addic-Sound label manager inviting us to dance on the Vampire's Funk to a deep and melodic sound.
Bringing this musical gem to a close is the greatly anticipated collaboration between the Melodies prince and the Groove master: Triptych and Pop Stream. Pop Stream is a young Spun Records (GMS) artist from Israel whose tracks have been released on labels such as Maia, Alchemy and Phonokol. This exciting collaboration provides us with a music lesson by means of an innovative track full of pop-music sensations in a pure UK Trance style! Pump up the volume, close your eyes and take off



Turbo Trance has always taken great care over promotion and marketing. Since it began, the label has established an effective press network all over the world and we maintain good relations with most of the specialist press, whilst also enjoying close contact with more general dance music publications.
Accelerator 3.0 will be reviewed in most of the leading Trance magazines..

Some examples:

  • Mushroom Magazine-Allemagne
  • Revolve Magazine-Grande Bretagne
  • Up front Magazine-Grande Bretagne
  • D Tect magazine-Allemagne
  • BPM magazine-Afrique du Sud
  • Shangri La La magazine-Grande Bretagne
  • Entrance Magazine-Australie
  • Trance It magazine-Méxique
  • TTR Magazine-Grande Bretagne
  • Dance Club magazine-Portugal
  • Laif Magazine-Pologne

  • Coda magazine
  • Teck’Yo
  • Lilo magazine
  • Cocazine
  • Nouvelle vague

BildRadio internet

  • Couleur 3 (Geneve-Suisse)
  • Couleur 3 (Geneve-Suisse)
  • Thump radio (San Francisco-USA)
  • Hafirot Radio (Israel)
  • Radio FM (Israel)
  • Pulsar radio (Poitiers France)
  • K2 conscience (Rouen-France)
  • (Internet-Allemagne)
  • (Internet-France)
  • (Internet-USA)
  • Jet Lag (Internet-USA/Canada/Grande Bretagne)
  • Psystream (Internet/Grande Bretagne)

Accelerator 3.0 release info 2006 turbo trance records®

  • Triptych "The hits remixes" featuring Pop Stream, Tranan, Manmademan, Protoculture...
    Release date: septembre 2006
  • Pygmees groove vol 2 - Octobre
  • Accelerator 4.0 - Novembre
  • Tranan album - Janvier

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Mobile: 0033(0)603.561.965

For more information, licenses, bookings, distributions, démos, contact Turbo Trance records.

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