Be Psychedelic - Polska Scena Vol 3 & Vol 4 Out Now!

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Be Psychedelic - Polska Scena Vol 3 & Vol 4 Out Now!

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Be Psychedelic unleash their next journey into Polska Scena vol.3 & vol.4, out now!

Polska Scena vol.3 & vol.4 is a musical collage of 18 tracks that lead you into an ambience of chilled out groove before you are levitated to the sound of Goatrance, Full-on and into the darker zone of psytrance preparing your launch into the realm of hi-tek!

With mastering by Rigel and cover artwork by Sati, Polska Scena vol.3 & vol.4 will give you a Be Psychedelic experience and is now available at Bandcamp as a limited edition double Compact Disc Digipack (Compact Disc + Digital Album) or Digital Album.

Get Yours Here: Be Psychedelic | Bandcamp

Compiled by: Be Psychedelic
Mastered by: RIGEL
Artwork by: Sati Design