Neologiical Vibration - Let There Be White (Flying Woofer Records)

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Neologiical Vibration - Let There Be White (Flying Woofer Records)

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OUT NOW: 'Let There Be White (Original Mix)' by Neological Vibration on Flying Woofer

A psytrance track for a perfect sunrise or sunset.. deep ecstatic melodies and grooves that should lighten up your mood and add dimensionz for a perfect goa psy experience!

This track is dedicated to all the souls lost in the attack on SuperNova festival.White is the color of peace and is "Let there be Light" is an amazing goa psytrance track by Astral Project (who was also at the festival). It only felt right to tribute this song to this painful episode in psytrance history. Remember that peace always wins, just like the light that is omnipresent and the ultimate truth!

Buy track WAV on Bandcamp: ... iginal-mix

About the Artist:
Neological Vibration is a more melodic but still quite the experimental psychedelic trance project of aGh0Ri TanTriK. He blends his experience of 25+ years of listening and playing with electronic music in all its forms and so you will hear grooves that span across several electronic musical genres and yet have unique landscapes.

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