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Summer time already and the ‘Sunshine’ starts hiting us with hot waves, warm feelings and childhoodlike memories. Then ‘Pileat’ puts us with our feet back on the ground, receiving all those teluric energies. All is clear when ‘Organic’ comes in, this story is about good summer feeling, enjoying and exloring ourselfs, because Little Hado delivers a smooth remix, perfect for nighttime… under the stars. Oh yes, this is iON’s ‘Organic EP’ from Tzinah with Love.

iON – Organic EP [TZH087] incl. Little Hado is supported by Raresh, Danny Tenaglia, Tania Vulcano, Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Matthew Dekay, Sandro Kuhne, Luc Ringeisen, Mihai Popoviciu, Jorge Savoretti, Deaf Pillow, Alessio Collina, Michel De Hey, Rossko, Alexander Kyosev, Rick Maia, Edground, Camille, Jason Hodges, Brett Jacobs and many more! Thank you!

Feedbacks until 7th July:
Raresh: multumesc :)
Danny Tenaglia: Thanks!!
Tania Vulcano: very good Sunshine and Organic for me . Thanks for the music
Marco Carola: downloading for marco carola, thanks
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Joseph Capriati: downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Matthew Dekay: I like Organic :) the original one..
Sandro Kuhne: Organic and Sunshine for me. THX
Luc Ringeisen: Smooth thank you !
Mihai Popoviciu: organic is cool for me!
Jorge Savoretti: liking organic here! thanks
Deaf Pillow: Pileat!! & Little Hado Remix!!
Alessio Collina: love it!
Michel de Hey: thanks for this
Rossko: Solid!
Alexandar Kyosev: organic original and remix for me :) thank you
Rick Maia: Will try it out, thanks.
Edground: Very nice release. Hado did a great work.
Camille: Deep and driving! Organic remix by Little Hado is my favourite :) Thanks
Jason Hodges: Organic is sweet
Brett Jacobs: Sunshine & Organic (little Hado remix) both solid!
Loopdeville: Thanks
He Did: little hado remix is amazing!!!
Clara Da Costa: Thanks. Especially liking the Little Hado Remix. Will support on Jack’s House, Ibiza Sonica Radio
Varoslav: nice ep here ! deep and groovy.i will play some trx thx.
Adam Touch: Really solid EP, like both the originals and great work on remix side too! Thanks for sharing!
Primarie: Lovely summer feeling and a great remix!!!
IULY.B: Nice ep
Alex Rusu: Great ep ! Sunshine and Organic original for me. thank you !
Jamie Lie A Kwie: Super ep, thanks!
Miroloja: good release will play it ;)
Omar Salgado: really love… I’ll play. Thank you for the music.
Cheise: Thanx ! Nice EP
Bvoice: Sunshine attached! Much obliged
Petrutt: wonderful tracks!! thanks :)
Seia: nice sounds – little hado remix
Jack Cheler: I loved this ep
M-Phunk: Little Hado remix sounds nice! will try it
Andrea Speed: really love this sunshine! also organic both mix, very good job!
Monetic: Sounds great! Thanks for promo. Support!
Scopter: cool ep!
Vincent Casanova: Super summery jams for the rooftops and sunsets.
Nici Frida: love it, thanks!
Franco y Gael: very nice thnx littkle hado remix for me !!
Alex Kravitz: Very nice ep, thanks!
R.Audio: Вери гуд мьюзик
Yaroslav Lenzyak: thank !
Riciar Ghir: Organic for me, amazing track! thanks
Cossmos: Excellent music! I love all the tracks!
Osvit: Cool EP) thanks
Carlos Ryan: Lovely tracks!!
Dejvid: Really nice release from Ion, full support on this one! :) Thanx for sharing.
Petit Batou: Nice Ep! really tripping and warm, i will play! thx
Lixir: Sweet release guys , love the remix :D
Sossa: nice release full support
Trik: Organic and Pileat sunt foarte misto!
Vivi: Little Hado remix for me.
Patrick Weblin: Both Organic mixes are sick, well done and thanks for music :)
Saboar: Foarte Organic ;) – goes as fav
Gri: Little Hado remix for me. Thanks!
Suolo: Organic org + rmx for me. thanks
iON: Little Hado
Resa: nice vibes.
Nova Caza: Great Release again. Thanx
Angel Mosteiro: Very nice release! Pilot and Little Hado rmx are my fav. Thanks!
Dragutesku: Misto!
Sergej P: thanks
A. S.: Nice one!
Maertz: Really nice tracks as usual, Pileat and Little Hado remix are my favs of the pack. Thanks!!!
Reclame: Nice Tracks ! Thank you
Franco y Gael: very nice thnk you !!
Toni: gonna try this beautiful ep
Giacomo Greppi: Cool !!! Little Had rex for me !!! Thx !!!
Valic: Nice work! love all the tracks!
Misk (AltroVerso): playlist in altroverso
flmb: originals are greaT!

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