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KUM014 Part of Her pack is a real kick in your face!
Two expressive groovy versions committed to achieve a strong double EP.

Part of Her – Tolis Q Ad Mark (Original version)
Who did the successful remix of our past super hit KUM006 D-Nox & Beckers “Something for your Mind”?
Oh yeah! Tolis Q & Ad Mark!!! With a row of pearls on renowned labels, 2009 is certainly a consolidated year for the awesome duo from Athens. They jumped back on Kumquat and got again our “chapeau bas”: “Part of Her” is a delightful groovy techno-house version; we really liked this proggy sexy touch. The Original version appears dynamic and furious as a desperate scream in the night, an escape attempt to an unsolved question of deep feelings. The result is a sensual, hypnotic and totally expressive track. Tolis Q & Ad Mark: we want more and more!

Part of Her - Exercise One remix
We have definitely adopted Exercise One in Kumquat. After their recently released remix of KUM012 Khainz “Distance”, the German duo brought again their generous originality into the making off of a rolling techno version of “Part of Her”: Who else than Exercise One to carry us to this long mystic journey? A long labyrinth with curved corridors up and down, a subtle spiral of pain and tears, tenderness and lies! Dirty and passionate, a twisted heartbeat of woman: a dark poetry of wild love.


BUY HERE /////////////

FEEDBACKS /////////////

Oliver Klein (Mutekki, Tribehouse, Kling Klong)
"nice remix from excercise one "

Michael de Hey (Hey! EC Records)
"great remix!"

King Roc (Mutekki, Tribehouse)
"Great Excercise one remix. Will play this for sure. Thanks"

Cardo & Elia (Coffee And Cigarettes / Italo Business)
"thanks for this promo, we support exercise one remix. We play it for sure."

Oel & Polygon (4line Recordings)
"wicked Exercise One remix!"

Markus Kavka (Harry Klein, Mtv)
"der exercise one remix ist natürlich der knaller. bin verzückt, teste ich gleich am wochenende beim melt!"

Manuel Sofia aka MOS (Noizen, AudioTherapy, GU, Natura Sonoris)
"great package... both mixes are great!"

Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur Rec)

Mike Väth (Datapunk, Livebeats)
"schöner summerbeat ; )) wird gleich verwurstelt ; )"

Blood and Tears (KarateKlub, Lordag)
"Part Of Her; the Original Mix is really good!"

KUM014 @ YOUTUBE /////////////

KUMQUAT NEWSLETTER / JULY 2009 / /////////////

KUMQUAT, Zurich | Switzerland |

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