M.Y Project - Psykogram (PSMREC021) - Free release

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M.Y Project - Psykogram (PSMREC021) - Free release

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Artist: M.Y Project
Title: Psykogram
Label: Psymoon-Records
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Released: 29.08.2012
Format: All
Lenght: 40:83

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

Psymoon Records is proud to present:
M.Y Project - Psykogram

About release:

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,
but by making the darkness conscious"

... Carl Gustav Jung ...

More about release:
M.Y Project - Psykogram


1) M.Y Project - The Walkirian Call (8:05)
2) M.Y Project - Let Me Enlighten you Priest (8:38)
3) M.Y Project - The King (7:37)
4) M.Y Project - What About James Brown (psyko mix) (6:44)
5) M.Y Project - Oh Yes, They Float (10:59)

All tracks written and produced by: Mack Yidhaky, Chile.

More about Artist:
M.Y Project page

Mastering by M.Y Project:
M.Y Project page

Atwork by M.Y Project:
M.Y Project page

Preview and free download in wav and mp3 file:
M.Y Project - Psykogram

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