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This is actually a much larger collection than previous years, mainly because of the birthstone earrings and pendants, which match the rings that came out recently. I adore the new charms especially the Mickey and Minnie ones, as well as the Pink Bow & Lace Heart. There are also 3 gift sets which will be available until February 14th: Open Hearts Bracelet Gift Set, Loving Hearts of Pandora Gift Set, and the Sparkling Love Charm. pandora charms sale clearance Open Hearts Bracelet gift set includes the pav� heart clasp bracelet, 2 Row of Hearts clips, the Cerise Encased in Love charm, and comes with a special leatherette zippered jewelry box. Loving Hearts of Pandora gift set includes the earrings and necklace of the same name in a special red box, and the Sparkling Love charm comes in a smaller red box.
Pandora charm bracelets are made by the jewelry company, Pandora. You can either buy sterling silver or 14 karat gold. A word of warning though, the 14k gold items are extremely pricely. A charm-filled sterling silver bracelet might cost $800, but a full 14 karat gold bracelet is going to be thousand of pandora jewelry sale dollars (yes, I said thousands). So, if money is not an object for you, by all means, treat your wife to that 14 karat bracelet. Otherwise, stick with the sterling silver option. Many women like to mix and match the metals in their bracelets as well. Pandora offers several charms that combine both metals in a very tasteful fashion.
There s currently a spend and save promo semi-unofficially going on in the UK. If you made a purchase at the eStore or in store over the past month or so, you might have received a voucher  this entitles you to pandora rose rings sale a . You are supposed to have the physical voucher to get the promo in store, but if you go to the eStore online, you can access the promo simply with the code  TREATYOURSELF . I suspect that, with such a generic code printed on the vouchers, stores would let you access the promotion if you asked about it without a voucher, too, but I ve not tested this! The promotion began on 30th March and will run until 9th April.
The third colour, a pretty cornflower blue, did not appear in the NA catalogue, and so I guess it s not coming out there. It should be launching in most other regions, however, including the UK. I can t wait to see it in person; I hope the blue isn t too bright! My favourite new Dazzling Daisy piece is this Pandora Jewelry Charms Meadow charm, however, which has looked consistently stunning in all the live shots I ve seen! It s like a more delicate variation on the Radiant hearts charms.
I do, however, have high-resolution images of the accompanying new shades of the Encased in Love charm, also due out on the 11th pandora rose ring of May in North America. These will now be available in pink, opalescent white and ice-blue. I think these new shades are just so pretty, and I love how they all match the new Field of Flowers murano from the Spring collection so perfectly, too. The look of all three colours together is stunning!

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