Astronaut Ape - The Mirror (Microcosmos Records)
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Microcosmos presents


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artist: Astronaut Ape
title: The Mirror
label: Microcosmos Records
cat.number: MCRCSMS003
type: Digital
genre: Ambient / Chill-out / Psychill
tracks: 08
Mastered by Syncmasters Studio

Astronaut Ape (real name — Oleg Belousov), sound producer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and new Microcosmos Records artist, presents his debut album called The Mirror. Oleg started producing music in 2005 from progressive, psychedelic and goa trance. Then he switched to ambient music and entirely devoted himself to this genre.
The Mirror is a classic ambient/psychill record. It consists from 8 really cosmic tracks which definitely would be a great present for all fans of psychedelic ambient music.


1. Astronaut Ape - Intro
2. Astronaut Ape - In Suspense
3. Astronaut Ape - Citylife
4. Astronaut Ape - One Plus One
5. Astronaut Ape - Alive
6. Astronaut Ape - Stars Around Me
7. Astronaut Ape - Mirroreality
8. Astronaut Ape - ortnI

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