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bakshish music presents another brave sonic journey :


lingua lustra : ijatevuvun (shish003)

Some say language is a virus, some say it's telepathy or maybe it is the exchange of pure bliss!
Bakshish's dedicated crew now offers you, dedicated listeners, a sonic glimpse of psychic communication.
Sounds grow out of silence without breaking it, delicate atmospheres unfold, sometimes tense, sometimes soothing,
a story without words, a movie with eyes closed.
So here it is, a new jewel rolling out of the universal horn of plenty, a nightly, quiet, atmospheric one,
no need to drop acid here, the music will do it for you !

tracklist :

1.fuziobata - 8'56"
2.tlacucahuatl- 6'38"
3.nunatsiavut - 6'25"
4.ijatevuvun - 7'30"
5.toivottavasti - 5'02"
6.pinghua - 10'27"
7.sawubona - 6'49"

all tracks W+P by Albert Borkent at Cube studio - Amsterdam, Holland in 2k9
mastered by Greg Hunter @ merohedra

Previews ... ijatevuvun

Lingua Lustra hails from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Based in Holland and spending two years in England, Al Borkent's musical activities span over the last 20 years. Being inspired by the likes of Tangerine Dream and Arvo Part among others, Al's first group was Tookay as a singer and keyboardist of this four piece band, performing their own original material. Tookay shared considerable success in the Dutch midlands. Numerous bands followed, with Albert doing lead vocals, synths, or both. After attending and dropping artschool mid-way, Albert was playing the keys in a new wave group called Voix Du Coeur which draw a lot of attention in the lowlands capital. After an long period of creative activities in all kinds of experimental bands (among other projects there was a 7 piece band called Tingalumi and a squat group called MOV) up to the 90's, Albert started an ambient-project called QAT, releasing mostly cassettes. This period of ambient experimentation and experience, gave direction to the release of two ambient albums, under the Lingua Lustra moniker, on the Dutch label Practising Nature. In 2009 Extramunda appears on Databloem, this is a collection of further evolved L.L. tracks. And in 2010 Desert Island appears on his own label Spherical Records ; a psychedelic mind-movie exploring new territory. Albert is also recording as Sol for the new Athens based label Electronic Soundscapes.

hyperlinks :
bakshish music :
bakshish music @ soundcloud :
spherical records :
contact :

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