2010-03-20: Ambient Experimental Industrial Night
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Autor:  klangkurier [ Mi 10. Feb 2010, 22:06 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  2010-03-20: Ambient Experimental Industrial Night

Nicht unbedingt "Chill-Out", düfte aber trotzdem dem Einen oder Anderen hier zusagen:


The Lodge


dark industrial ambient

organic chamber doom

experimental drone

DJ Hollow Bone
atmospheric industrial
ritual folk electronica

Bazillus Club




There are some seats and tables in the (jazz) club.
The capacity is limited to 100 visitors.
Concert starts at 21.00


Normal Ticket:
CHF 30.--


The Patron-Ticket:
CHF 70.--
With the Patron-Ticket you support the concert evening.
As a sign of our appreciation "The Lodge" likes to thank you with a seat reservation with best view
and in addition:
the first 9 patrons are entitled to receive a special vinyl 10" which will be limited to 22 copies and featuring one exclusive and unreleased track by each of the performing artists!


dark industrial ambient organic chamber doom experimental drone

THO-SO-AA in an old interview about the bands history: "My first project AADOM/Christbearing was formed in 1993 by Brian Bray and myself. After two releases Brian left the band. At this time I searched for new sounds. I was impressed from sounds like Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and John Carpenter. This was the time when THO-SO-AA was born. THO-SO-AA means THe Other - Side Of - AAdom. It was for me a new and exciting way to create music - like a vision. I found the sounds I was looking for for a long time. So it was a magic moment for me. THO-SO-AA contains my personal environment. It contains hate. Hate for e.g. capitalism or god. Everything which is normal in Europe."

SUM OF R is a side project of Reto Mäder (RM74, Ural Umbo), for which he is joined by two members of Herpes Ö DeLuxe (Roger Ziegler & Christoph Hess aka Strotter Inst.) to create slow moving episodes of hypnotic and perplexing music led by a psychedelic understanding of minimal soundforms.
“SUM OF R’s sound shifts from doomed cinematic guitar descends to electric guitar music box-ism meets death tolling and the shimmering of 50’s sci-fi rise and ebb”.
“SUM OF R don't really trying to oblige to specific genre but leaning on the mood and the expression of their output. You hear some SunnO))) riffs coming from the back, but then it becomes a post-apocalyptic Canadian post-rock, moves into the minor dark-ambient or blackened chamber doom”.

B°TONG is Chris Sigdell, former member of NID (1995 - 2005), and guitarist/singer in Phased. b°tong reaches for the nether regions of experimental electronic sound but is never quite serious. b°tong's music varies from dark ambient layers of sound, brooding drones, itchy-scratchy tones to weird electronics and/or harsh noise. b°tong deconstructs and recycles samples from television, radio and/or films, he records natural and artificial sounds, and he processes and distorts his own voice.
In a live situation, he uses microphones, sampler, and "instruments" such as: metal sheet and spring, various kitchen utensils and an orgon emitter. The sounds thus generated are run through various effects giving birth to images of darkness and tranquility, the solitude of icy polar night, or the equivalent of an underwater journey down a bottomless pit!

DJ Hollow Bone accompanies the evening with atmospherical industrial, ritual, folk and electronica.

Soundsamples and info:

Autor:  Capablanca [ Mi 17. Feb 2010, 09:48 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: 2010-03-20: Ambient Experimental Industrial Night

ließt sich interessant :idea:

partys werden üblicherweise hier bekanntgegeben

Autor:  klangkurier [ Mi 17. Feb 2010, 22:06 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: 2010-03-20: Ambient Experimental Industrial Night

Dachte dort geht das eher unter. Kann das ein Admin verschieben?

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